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Michel de Freitas

Michel de Freitas was born in England. He has a German nationality, though! He lives in Portugal at the moment, speaking all three languages (English, German and Portuguese) fluently. He started making videos in 2015, and, since co-founding Prism Productions in 2019 with Clyde Hanna, he has worked in a vast number of projects. He is usually the cinematographer and/or editor, but sometimes does the VFX. He is currently working as a Director and Cinematographer in the short film "À Prova do Cansaço", written by Verónica Quintal.

Clyde Hanna

P1040677 2 (1).JPG
Clyde Hanna was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, and has since lived in Canada, Portugal, and currently the Netherlands. He started making small video projects in 2015, and has slowly moved towards bigger projects involving more people. In 2019 he started collaborating in Funchal with Michel de Freitas, and they continue to work together at a distance. Clyde is particularly interested in composing for films, but he also does editing and visual effects, and is learning to use Blender for 3D modelling and animation. His soundtracks include Prognosticon (2020), Contractor (2021) and the upcoming Aeternus (2021).
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