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A Prova do Cansaco




Duncan Webb, a troubled scientist, escapes prison to return to his life's work, a brilliant time machine only to uncover deep secrets about his past.


Solomon Mayfield, a contract hitman out of his depth in the world of crime, decides to leave it all behind and move on with his life. But backing away is not as easy as he thinks, and if he wants to make it out alive he'll have to fight for it.


What is fear? It's abstract for some, a nightmare for others.


Liam, a guy forced to smuggle forged money to Rio de Janeiro, sees himself surrounded by the police. His brother, Ryan, is being held hostage by the Boss, an unknown drug lord, desperate to make a lot of money, who is threatening to kill him.


During WWIII, the world experiences hefty storms, food shortages and radioactivity. Benny is all by himself in a garage, eventually his food reserve comes to an end, forcing him to leave his shelter...


How is it to live with OCD?

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