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     Overall, this was a very good experience that tested our limits. After failing to finish the project initially, we came out successful in the end. Thank you to everybody who watched, helped out and shared this short film especially during these difficult pandemic times.


      Liam, a guy forced to smuggle forged money to Rio de Janeiro, sees himself surrounded by the police. His brother, Ryan, is being held hostage by the Boss, an unknown drug lord, desperate to make a lot of money, who is threatening to kill him. Ryan escapes and starts getting chased by The Boss' workers and fights to death against all odds.

Director: Clyde Hanna

Producer: Michel Freitas and Clyde Hanna

Editing: Michel Freitas

Cinematography: Michel de Freitas

Visual Effects: Clyde Hanna and Michel de Freitas

Music: Clyde Hanna and "Time's Up" by Loopop Sound

Design: Michel Freitas

Actors: Michel Feitas, Clyde Hanna, Alexandre Silva and Boris Yurzditskiy

Screenplay: Clyde Hanna and Michel Freitas

Production Company: Prism Productions

Stock Video by: Videvo

How it came to be

      In December 2019, Michel de Freitas and Clyde Hanna started writing the script to what was supposed to be their first ever short film together. Since they were in different countries at the time, they wrote and pre-produced everything during long calls which kept them up until early in the morning. In February 2020 they started shooting the first and second part: the garage scene (which took 2 days, 2 months apart) and the car scene (which was also filmed inside the garage). In March, they filmed an interior scene which unfortunately, for many reasons, didn't make the cut (reasons will be listed below). They only resumed shooting on Michel's birthday (in June), where they finished the second part of the garage scene.

     Later that month, Clyde Hanna announced that he was going to move to the Netherlands in July, which stalled the entire production of the short film. The entire crew started to think of ways in which we could somehow shorten the script and the shooting days to film everything before he left, but unfortunately we weren't able to finish it.

      Not all was lost though! After thinking about it, Michel decided to get his camera and shoot some dialogue according to the car scene, trying to impersonate someone else (that someone wasn't able to come on set with us) and after editing everything together, he showed it to Clyde (who was already in the Netherlands) and he loved it. Sometimes simple is better.

The scene that didn't make it

     Well, judgements aside, this scene was terrible. Dialogue was garbage and the entire scenery was also... well... shit! It didn't make the cut, because in order for the improvised version to make sense (which by the way has nothing to do with the original script), the "dialogue scene" had to be removed from the final version. Lucky for you, this website offers exclusive content for our viewers... so here you go (keep in mind that there is only one version and it's a rough cut, very rough... :(

     Assuming that you didn't cringe while watching this terrible "work of art", you can now watch this short film's funny behind the scenes compilation:

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