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Director: Michel de Freitas

Editing: Michel Freitas

Cinematography: Michel de Freitas

Actors: Michel Feitas

Screenplay: Michel Freitas

Production Company: Prism Productions

How it came to be

      First off, let me make one thing clear, I didn't write a script for this short film... I only wrote bullet points. Anyway, one day I woke up (obviously) at about 6h30 am (yes, I know, very early) and started watching Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban. Immediately after finishing it, an idea popped into my head: "Let's make a short film about OCD!". So there I was, writing down bullet points of how I could demonstrate it to an audience.

      At about 10 am I was ready to start shooting, so I did. You may be thinking "But Michel, isn't it a night scene?" (to be honest you probably didn't think about anything at all) and you're right, it is a night scene... filmed during the day. Yes, I had to find a way to make the bathroom and my bedroom pitch black, which I eventually did. I finished filming at about 6 pm and I can't recall having eaten anything in between, so I filled my belly straight away.

      It's editing time and, me being me, I tried to finish the main edit on the day... and guess what? I bloody did. I was surprised that it was remotely good, so I sent it to Clyde to hear what he had to say and he liked it! Can you guess what I did next? I watched an episode of Teen Wolves! Just kidding, I uploaded it to the Prism Productions YouTube channel at about 10pm.


Film Festival

      Interestingly enough, this was our first ever short film to participate in a film festival! The winner will only be announced in a few months, supposedly around January 2022. It was a very fun experience, it also was somewhat accomplishing to see my short film get screened in front of a live audience... "But what film festival was it Michel?" The ShortCutz film festival in Funchal, Madeira! I think the best part wasn't the screening, but the friends and contacts I made with people who are so much more experienced than me. If you are interested in this international competition, click here for more.

20210721204933_IMG_9036 (1).jpg

Color Palette

      I used a "Joker" LUT for this short film, it just felt right. The desaturated but somewhat vibrant color made the entire experience awkward and wrong, which was exactly what I wanted! So I should technically thank Film Riot since the LUT is theirs and it's available for free in the Quarantine Pack.

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collage (8).png
collage (9).png

      I think this is one of my rawest short films yet. It describes how I feel and it's abstract, I like that. It's an important short film for me, as it helped me understand my OCD as well as others who feel the same way. Thank you for all the support and feedback you gave me!


      OCD - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, is a short film that visually demonstrates how it is to live with this disorder. I created this to not only spread awareness of how much it affects people's lives, but also to educate those who don't have it in order for them to somewhat understand (and not undervalue) people who have it.

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