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Michel De Freitas


I am an 18 year old German/Portuguese film student who is aspiring to become a Cinematographer. I have worked on many short films, music videos and commercials. My most notable work were two videos I directed and did the cinematography for Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ten years ago I made my first films, recreating Star Wars scenes with my friends. Ever since I picked up my Mum's old camera, I never looked back. All these years later, I'm just as passionate about bringing ideas alive. I recently won the Madeira Fantastic FilmFest Award for Best Film in Madeira. I'm now looking forward to entering the professional world of filmmaking. 

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A Prova do Cansaco



Independent Short Film
Role: Director and Cinematographer
thumbnail apdc v3.jpg


Independent Short Film
Role: Writer/Director and Cinematographer
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Big freelance work:

Tempestade no Guadiana

Wine Commercial
Role: Director, Cinematograhy and VFX
Tempestade no Guadiana_Ad_LongVersion_Moment.jpg
THE BUCKET LIST 1080.00_01_10_15.Still021.png

The Bucket List

Government Funded Promotional Video for CR7
Role: Director and Cinematographer

CR7 Birthday Video

Private Funded Video by the Pestana Hotel Chain
Role: Director and Cinematographer
CR7 Birthday Video Versão Final_Moment(5).jpg

Smaller freelance work:

CaTAMARAN 2.00_01_26_00.Still008.png

"Cinematic" Boat Party Aftermovie

Freelance Event Video
Role: Videographer

Chicken Commercial

Freelance Work
Role: Videographer
Chicken Ad Nov 5th.00_00_27_11.Still001.png
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My cinematography stills:

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