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      In 2019, Michel and Clyde met on their first day of school (having already vaguely known each other a few years prior) and realised they were both really into filmmaking, which not a lot of other people happened to be. After a while, Clyde pitched a concept for a short film which they both started to envision working on: Prognosticon (featuring Michel and Clyde along with Boris Yurzditskiy and Alexandre Silva). While they were writing it, in December of 2019, they came up with Prism Productions as the studio name for Prognosticon's release. While the short film was delayed by the outbreak of COVID-19, some other individually directed short films were uploaded to the newly created Prism Productions YouTube channel, which now also includes OCD, Contractor, Vergiftung, and The Dictionary, to name a few. In July 2020, Clyde moved to the Netherlands, which complicated things in terms of producing short films, but they decided to move ahead with a really ambitious project involving the concept of time (the soon-to-be-released Aeternus). Since October 2020, Michel and Clyde have been working on this short film from Portugal and the Netherlands respectively, and it will hopefully be released in the Summer of 2021.

     Working on so many projects has been a fantastic opportunity to meet and collaborate with new people, and Aeternus had the biggest cast and crew yet, involving over a dozen people: cinematographer Guilherme Fernandes, PA Martim Gouveia, and actors Martin O'Rawe, Pedro Alves, and Mara Freitas were among the new collaborators joining some of the regulars like Boris Yurzditskiy and João Silva.

    Prism Productions has evolved substantially since December 2019, continuing to grow with the intention of learning, gaining recognition, and working with more people. It's been such a unique experience for us and we're hopeful that it will keep being a source of motivation for creativity.

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